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about us

ZS Legal Practitioners is a law firm that specialises in dispute prevention and resolution within Zambia and beyond. Led by Zevyanji Sinkala, our firm is committed to achieving our clients’ objectives no matter the size, complexity or nature of the challenge. Our firm has capacity to deliver on your business requirements across all sectors. We believe in delivering real value and our lean model and flexible fee structures mean we are unequivocally competitive and second to none, while maintaining impeccable standards of client service, with an incredibly exceptional success rate to the satisfaction of our esteemed clients.
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What Make Us Unique

The firm has developed a large knowledge base of resources and a deep understanding of local nuances and ways of doing business. We have practical experience working on the ground and professional contacts across the continent, assuring our clients of consistent quality and global legal solutions.

In an increasingly linked and fast-moving society, our clients’ problems require multi-dimensional legal solutions. In response, ZSLP has aptly positioned itself through creative multi-disciplinary approach and international network. Our unique disposition combines remarkable legal capabilities with an unrivalled multi-disciplinary skillset.

We boast of legal practitioners who will strive to find innovative solutions to ensure you achieve your commercial goals, whether successful execution of a strategy, maintain a competitive edge or defending your position. Our aim is to deliver in the manner that best suits your business requirements, and preferences.

ZSLP has significant expertise across the breadth and width of commercial and criminal law. We are committed to creating enduring client relationship which is founded on a value driven culture. We promise our clients partner-led service from an elite team of qualified advocates ensuring we always engage precisely the right people for every matter.


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